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Master Embroidery Software Class (Digitizing)

Sharpen your skills and Learn new techniques
The Master Class program includes a series of detailed sessions that build on the basics learned in PREMIER+™ and 6D™ classes. Each Master Class session is customized to provide hands-on experience with various techniques and unique designs and includes printed hand-outs & “Tips and Techniques” for successful embroideries. Due to the nature of Master Classes, the topics will be developed to address the individual skills and interest level of the class participants.

We will begin with exploring the tools in Modify/Edit. These sessions will include editing designs, changing sets of stitches (moving, deleting, inserting) and modifying commands (trim, stop, color change, tie-on and tie-off). Modify/Edit means much more than just changing the design size! In the first session, we will evaluate the understanding of the basic skills of each class participant and the optimal schedule of topics for successive sessions.

The next sessions delve into the “mysterious” world of creating embroideries from existing designs utilizing the various “wizards”. The focus is on not simply pressing the buttons. After creating a design using a “wizard”, learn to use the tools embedded in Modify/Edit to make additional enhancements. Careful evaluation of the artwork that is used for the wizards is an important consideration, and details for working with these enhancements will be included.

Mastering these skills opens the door for a crash course in digitizing!!! As we develop details of stitch options that are used to create embroideries, we will focus on developing original designs, evaluation of designs available in various formats (raster and vector), and creating the optimal stitching details. These sessions will include discussions about fills, outlines, appliques, stitch characteristics, underlay, and choices of stitch density and angles, thread options, etc.  Class participants will need the Design Creator module installed iwth their Premier+ or 6D software to create original digitized designs!

You must register 3 days prior to the class. This ensures the class is held and necessary supplies are available.

SUPPLIES: Computer & Power cords, Mouse, Mouse Pad, Software & Dongle
Must know the basics of the software.

The time for class is 10:00-12:30pm 
November Class is cancelled.

Thanks again for your continued enthusiasm. 
Skill Level:
Materials Included:
PREMIER+ Embroidery Extra and Ultra or 6D Embroidery Extra and Design Creator
Paula Childs - Sharing more than 10 years of experience with embroidery design software.

Master Embroidery Software Class (Digitizing)

$ 25.00
Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
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