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Judy Niemeyer's Desert Sky

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Bradley and Judy designed the layout for the Desert Sky using a collection of bright and dark fat quarters. Template Layout sheets were designed and provided with these instruction to speed up the cutting process, allowing you to stack and cut your fat quarters in two groups of nine fabrics. An even amount of yardage is needed for each color. This small wall hanging is definitely one to add to your collection. The skill level ranges from beginner to advanced. Come join the fun.

There will be a Cutting workshop available on Saturday,  Aug 3rd from 10am-2pm, the cost is $60.00. If you already know how to cut out a Judy Niemeyer pattern the cutting class may not be needed. If you are not comimg to cutting workshop, please have all fabric pre cut and in proper bags ready to sew when you come to class.

Stop by for the supply list and pattern.

Lucille Amos represents Judy Niemeyer Quilting as a Certified Instructor in the South Eastern United States.

Lucille applied for our program purely out of her enjoyment for doing a Judy Niemeyer Quilting pattern.  She was confident that after having attended multiple workshops that she could successfully teach the methods and techniques to others, showing them how successful they can be at making her patterns as well.  She is a staunch advocate of Judy’s methods, stating that she had never paper pieced successfully until she started using the Judy Niemeyer methods.

She has been teaching as a Certified Instructor since 2010 and has a faithful following of students and shops in the South Eastern United States.  Making contacts with new shops and offering them her expertise has been an unanticipated pleasure. She feels it is very important to establish a good relationship and an open line of communication with the individual scheduling classes to ensure that the students are prepared for class when they arrive.

Lucille also enjoys putting everyone at ease on the first day of class and calming their nerves as they dive into their Judy quilt pattern. Her reward comes when they complete their first unit and their face reflects the realization that they too can complete these beautiful quilts.

Lucille enjoys working with folks that share her passion for quilting; and especially Judy Niemeyer techniques. Her goal for every class is to teach her students to enjoy Judy Niemeyer foundation paper piecing as much as she does. She also appreciates that in every class she has found that she has learned something from a student; so the learning experience is a two way street.

Lucille looks forward to every new class as a Quiltworx.com Certified Instructor for Judy Niemeyer’s techniques.  She has already enabled hundreds of students to successfully master paper piecing using Judy’s methods and intends to provide a successful learning experience to countless more!

Cost:$ 90.00
Skill Level:Beginner -Advanced
Materials Included:Lunch will be included
Requirements:Must have all fabric pre-cut and in bags labled
Instructor: Lucille Amos represents Judy Niemeyer Quilting as a Certified Instructor.