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HUSQVARNA VIKING®, a global leader in the sewing industry, unveiled the industry’s most advanced smart machine with the launch of its top-of-the-line Designer EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine, the first to incorporate intuitive technology that adapts to the needs of every sewer. The new machine reimagines the sewing and embroidery experience through both smart technology and thoughtful design. It’s where engineering and sewing expertise meet.   

Among its most prominent features, the ‘smart machine’ includes:  

1. Interactive Tablet-like Screen: The industry’s first multi-touch tablet-like screen, which allows sewers to easily drag-and-drop, rotate, pinch, spread, and duplicate designs. As a result the 10.1” full color screen lets you create and customize designs with ease.
2. MySewnet™: The industry’s first cloud-based storage system embedded in the machine allows you to store, access and synchronize all your embroidery designs across several devices automatically through WiFi. In addition, you can save all of your stitches and sequences directly to MySewnet™ cloud.  Automatic software updates also come to your machine through MySewnet™ cloud. 
3. MySewMonitor app: Allows you to get instant updates on the status of your embroidery via WiFi.
4. JoyOS Advisor ™ Feature for Sewing & Embroidery: The industry-leading sewing instructor has 120 animated and illustrated step-by-step tutorials embedded in each machine; it’s like having your own virtual sewing instructor right in the machine. 
5. Intuitive Settings: Additionally, the machine automatically sets everything for you based on the type of fabric, specific stitch, and desired technique to make sewing and embroidery easier and the results better.  

Taken together, the break-through features of the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Designer EPIC™ machine make sewing and embroidery easier, unleash the boundless creativity of enthusiast sewers, and allows them to produce expert level projects regardless of skill levels.  

“We’ve been a sewing company for 143 years. Because our sole focus is sewing, we were able to translate our understanding of enthusiast sewers into an entirely new machine platform,” Karin Johannesson, Manager of Sewing Technology and Usability for HUSQVARNA VIKING®. “Our reimagined Designer EPIC™ machine tailors the sewing experience around the wants and needs of modern enthusiast sewers through a tablet-like interface, WIFI, step-by-step animated instructions, and much, much more. The result is a brand new sewing experience where the sewer’s own creativity can come to life in new and special ways.”
Additional Innovations and Features Include:
The HUSQVARNA VIKING® Designer EPIC™ machine features both the largest work space (12.2” from needle to arm and 5.5” of height) and lightest weight of all of the top-of-the line machines. It also has the largest embroidery field, both with and without a turnable hoop, of any machine. And because its new LED lights are scientifically engineered to maximize and evenly distribute light, sewers will have the best-lit sewing surface, along with the best viewing angles, to create whatever their hearts’ desire.   

The new machine also features many small details that demonstrate the HUSQVARNA VIKING® commitment to sewers, including complementary software to create unlimited fonts, an automatic needle threader, and an easy-toaccess tray to store the sewer’s most-used notions, accessories and presser feet. Additionally, the machine comes with 5 unique advanced stitch techniques (2 of them brand new), a rubberized hand wheel, and the exclusive HUSQVARNA VIKING® deLuxe™ Stitch System and Exclusive Sensor System™ technology, which senses your fabric thickness for a perfect, even feed. 
“The HUSQVARNA VIKING® Designer EPIC™ machine is a first-of-its-kind intuitive experience,” said Vanessa Dyson, Education Manager for HUSQVARNA VIKING®. “With this new machine, we’re confident that the enthusiast can create any project imaginable. The Designer EPIC™ machine is our flagship that’s made for sewers, by sewers™.”