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VIKING Changeable Decorative Guide Foot (5, 6, 7 Not Emerald)

Manufacturer #:413340845

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The Interchangeable Dual Feed with Changeable Presser Feet is designed to feed layers of fabric and/or batting evenly. It is perfect for quilting, sewing velvet, most stretch fabrics, imitation leathers and fabrics which need accurate pattern matching.

Use the Changeable Decorative Guide Foot when stitching in the ditch along a seam line sewing any decorative stitch. The metal guide in the center of the foot helps you when guiding your fabric.

Other information

1. Attach the Interchangeable Dual Feed to your machine:
     a. Remove the presser foot ankle by unscrewing the ankle screw.
     b. Place the Interchangeable Dual Feed (Foot) onto your machine from the back, positioning the fork over the needle clamp screw. Screw the Interchangeable Dual Feed (Foot) onto the presser foot bar with the presser foot ankle screw.
     c. With presser foot bar in the up position, place the Changeable Decorative Guide Foot under the Interchangeable Dual Feed (Foot).
2. Push the Changeable Decorative Guide Foot upwards so that it snaps into place.
3. Select a decorative stich of your choice.
4. Place the fabric to be stitched under the presser foot aligning the guide in the center of the foot with the seam line. (Stitching in the ditch means stitching in the finished seam line.) Illustration.
5. Sew, keeping the guide aligned with the seam as you sew.

not for EMERALD™ 122, 118 and 116 machines.