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Superior Sergin' General

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Tex 30 Poly-wrapped poly core thread. Specifically designed for Serging.

Sergin' General is the cleanest serger thread available. With excellent strength and elongation, you will experience smooth stitches with less puckering. Available in 50 solid colors which have been specifically chosen for their blending tones and ability to work with many different fabric colors. Sergin' General is wound on convenient, 3,000 yd. cones and will fit on your serger comfortably. Enjoy Superior confidence when sewing with Sergin' General.

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SUPERIOR #101 Bright White - Sergin' General 3,000 yd. cone


SUPERIOR #110 Black - Sergin' General 3,000 yd. cone


Superior #111 Chestnut Sergin' General 3,000 yd. cone


SUPERIOR #129 Sky Blue - Sergin' General 3,000 yd. cone