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PREMIER+ ECQ Embroider Cut Quilt

Works on A Windows® and Mac®

Premier+ ECQ™ is a free standing software that is built for the
beginner to intermediate consumer or someone that is new to creating embroidery designs. It focuses on the Draw tab and that you draw your design the way you want it to look. As a guide you can bring in a background and use the Trace function for building your design quickly.

When your image is ready you have six export options:
Embroidery with Fills
Embroidery Appliqué
Embroidery Outlines
Automated Quilting
Cutting Machine

Embroidery: dst, exp, jef, pes, vp3, vp4, xxx
Cutting Machines: dxf, fcm, svg
Quilt Automation: 4qb, cmd, cqp, dxf, hqf, iqp, plt, qcc, qli, txt
Images: jpg, png, svg

This is an easy to use Software that has a low learning threshold and will be well suited for the creative person as well as the beginner. Premier+ ECQ™ is a great product to get someone in to embroidery and also have the capability to use together with Cutting Machines and Quilt Automation.

Product is not sold online. Please come into My Sewing Shoppe to purchase.